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I’ve updated my blog site. I looked at mine the other day, and thought…this is too confusing, If I wasn’t reading my own blog, I would move on in a click of the mouse. The blog I read the most, and enjoy the most is Chase Jarvis’s. I saw he was using WordPress. WordPress is actually a Bookmark on my computer…I tend to bookmark anything I like, and then never go back again, because I have 100 bookmarks. Cleaning up my bookmarks is on my list of things to do. I also joined twitter last night…not true. I signed up awhile ago, but never used it. I believe I signed up to follow Rob Dyrdek. Fact about me…I’m obsessed with him. He reminds me of my cousin Jared, he can make anyone laugh, smile, and also sings random songs about the ins and outs of his day. He’s also uber motivated, and sucessful, while still remaining grounded…the same way I feel about Chase Jarvis. Now, I don’t know these two, but I believe that’s what they are like, and I could follow them around all day and not be bored. I want to know what drives them to be so sucessful in there own amazing ways. Back to Twitter…I will try harder to think of something that my 5 followers may like to read about me during the day.

So, here is my first blog post. I’m posting a pic of my Grammy, Stella Jeselonis. After going back to school for photography, this was my first ‘Damn’ picture. I didn’t know it though. I showed it to a friend at work, Matt Berkowitz, who is an amazing photographer… …and mentor. He was like…’Damn’…that is a great pic. I had no idea. One thing about this pic, I will always believe, I was just there, and she was a great subject!

“Gear is good, Vision is Better!” -David DuChemin.   One of my favorite quotes

Grammy-Stella Jeselonis

3 thoughts on “New Blog Site

  1. Your model with the extra long and decorative eyelashes caught my eye as I was doing an image search. I checked your blog out, and here’s what struck me:

    I like the sports shoot, with the model named Carly, because she has a Latin American look, and I myself have roots in Latin America. I was also interested in your family pics entitled “Kennebunk”, because I know that neighbouring Kennebunk Port is a town associated with the elder George Bush — and because of a girl that I knew in college who passed away around 1997. She was apparently from the town of Kennebunk, where I attended a service in her memory. The pictures of the homeless man were also interesting, as I myself was homeless for at least one year of my life, due to a case of psychiatric malpractice which began in late 2002. That situation destroyed my career as a NYC stockbroker. Maybe you would like to check out my wordpress weblog, which is about the worst thing that ever happened to me (psychiatric malpractice) . . . a situation which I am trying to recover from and spread awareness about.

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