Last weekend of the summer

Labor day has come and gone, and I’m ready for fall and for the ski season to start…but not tooo soon. I’ve been heading up to my mom’s camp in Lempster, NH on Long Pond. There are at least 6 loons on the pond at all times and then a couple pairs with babies…depending on the season. I’ve had the opportunity to get up early this summer and kayak out when the loons are fishing. There are usually 5 or 6 that fish in the morning and they are pretty relaxed around the populus of Long Pond. Here is one of my favorites from this weekend.

The residents of Long Pond have a BBQ every Labor Day. Although this man’s name escapes me, he’s been a resident of over 10 years and travels from Conn. I do have to say the residents of Long Pond have an overall respect of the pond, of the environment and of each other. It’s like these people have found this gem, and treat it like a child. During the summer, you can look out at the water and see young and old swimming across the pond to jump off a rock that sits on the west side of the pond with the most sun. Back to the pic. It was a potluck style BBQ and then a raffle. After lunch, everyone got up to gather round the raffle table and he pulled out his guitar. I sat there on the picnic table under a Hudsons Bay Point blanket.  He just started to sing. He sounded like a cross between Neil Young and Jonny Cash…no joke. He said it was funny, because one of the first songs he learned was a Jonny Cash song. It was quite special to have a personal concert.

Moving on to our good friend Eric’s B-day at our house. Here are a few pics…Great food, great friends, great weather, and some good laughs.

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