Skiing in the 603 with NEDS

I finally took some time of from the grind at Fischer Skis U.S to do some spring skiing. Got to hit Cannon, Ragged and Loon and it felt phenomenal. At Fischer, we help out a local program called New England Disabled Sports. This is a great program that allows people with disabilities to get out and enjoy sports and competition year round. Saturday was the Kostick Cup race at Loon, where they operate out of.

Please check them out here New England Disabled Sports and for sure like them on their Facebook page here NEDS-Facebook

And a shamless plug goes here for me, cause this is my blog…don’t forget to check out my sicky video of my favorite person that rolls with swagger… Mike Psaledas – Wheelchair Racer

This is only a small look at their equipment. Super stoked to see so many Fischer Skis.

This guy was cruising and at the end has the biggest rooster tail…so cool.

They have chairs for all ages. My first run up, a girl about 4 or 5 was heading up in a special chair like you see below. Seeing that really puts the things you have in perspective.


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