A week of Photos

A week of photos…here we go.

I decided to take some time off from my photography over the holidays, but it was tough. I missed shooting…It’s just a thing I do now. I have to shoot. So I gave myself a project.

I met a new friend over the holiday, and when asked about my photography, I said…”it’s the only thing I’m good at” It’s true though. I can make a perfect hard boiled egg, I’m a mean recycler (don’t even ask), and I can run fast and swim far, but nothing compared to my photography. It feels good to find something you are really good at in life. I’m definitely not the best, but I’m good and I love it.

Day 1…Sunday. Here are the my two girls during the first snowfall. Cora (the white dog, the old lady) is about to get her head chomped by Rosie (the maniac)IMG_3278

Day 2…Monday. This is Rosie in my office. This was a busy day, and I took one shot…this one. There’s a lot going on in the background. That is my ‘snack shack’ I always have tea and honey, peanut butter and soy sauce. The cereal is stale, and about a year old, but I keep it because it holds up the paper plate and napkins.dubois_121218.3347

Day 3…Tues. This was another busy day at work, and I took two shots. This was one of two looking out of my window. The sunsets have been amazing lately, and I just caught the last light here. IMG_3348

Day 4…Wed. I woke up early and swore I was going to go out shooting the skyline of Manchester. It was raining that day…pretty steady. The skyline shot wasn’t going to happen…so I went down to the Fischer Cats Stadium towards the river walk and caught a few. The second one I played around with…kinda of a ghost walk type feel…I dig it. IMG_3353


Day 5…Thursday. Today I went out before work to Massabesic lake and took a quick walk. This is a swampy area that looked pretty cool. dubois_121216.3338

Day 6…Saturday…I guess I missed Friday. Today I went with my mom to go visit my Grammy and Grampy at Oak Grove Cemetary in Medford, Mass. They both are 100% Lithuanian and fought in WWII for the Navy. I miss them. Here is my mother and her siblings gathered around the graves. I was the only grandchild there that day, and I was so lucky to be. We went to Bickfords and I sat and listened while they talked about childhood memories. There were a lot of Jimmy, Donny, Eddie and Kenny’s being thrown around. They are all straight up ‘Massachusetts’ and it made me love New England and where I’m from. The family bond and culture of Massachusetts is really something to see.IMG_3363


Day 7…Sunday. Today I went for a long hike in the woods with the girls. It was super quiet out there that day.  It wasn’t too cold, and I made sure I slowed it down and caught what was happening around me. I used to wander in the woods when I was young…no fear. The last one is of me…I hate being in front of the camera. I honestly have few photos of myself. The last one…I think…is just me. That’s who I am. dubois_121223.3382



Day 8…Monday. Christmas Eve. Tolkien Yankee swap pic. what should I pick.  Thanks for reading!!!!!!!IMG_3464


4 thoughts on “A week of Photos

  1. I loved looking at your week Colleen and I have always thought that you were GREAT at a lot of things before you were great at photography, which you are! You are a GREat friend, daughter, sister and wife. You were a GREAT babysittter when my son was little. You are a GREAT employee. Overall, I would say that you are a pretty GREAT person!

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