I’ve been dreading this for a while now…the dreaded Selfie. With all the social media outlets I have to follow and keep up with, my profile snap shot of me at the Monterey Aquarium in Cali 6 years ago was just not cutting it.

And I’m a photographer…not a model. I can count on both hands how many photos I have of myself. I don’t like being behind the camera, I never have. I find models to have such an endearing quality…To let someone capture your self…your pure self, at a specific moment in time. They have such amazing self confidense…it’s great to see. I’m lucky to be on the other end.

Here is my best shot. I woke up at 5:30, and 4 hours later, after talking myself off a ledge…this is what I got. My hair is always up. I don’t like my smile. I have a grey streak, that I got from my Grandmother Stella, and my dog Cora is always with me…always.

Social Media is a legit part-time job.  Those of you who know…know…It’s all consuming.

Now you have to follow me on

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Instagram : sublimewakegrl

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and Words with Friends: sublimewakegrl   I’ll beat you every time!

And the list continues to grow…



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