Ormond Beach Vaca

I don’t care what anyone says…I love Florida. If someone says they don’t like Florida, then they are probably lying. If they don’t like Florida, send them to Key West for a week and have them get back to you.

Now, one of my photography dreams is to catch lighting on film. I didn’t catch lighting on film this week, but I got it on digital. It was still pretty friggin cool. I was also sifting through my iphone photos and caught one on that too. Bonus!

Also bought the sexiest Al Merrick Surfboard you’ve ever seen. I fell in love.  I believe it was a little advance for a beginner, and it could have been an impulse buy.  After getting smashed around, frightened, bruised knees, sore ribs, and and burping up sea water, I put it on Craigslist and had it sold by the end of the week. I have a new respect for surfers. That is one tough sport. Not to mention being sucked up by the largest body of water ever, never to be seen again…frightening.

So there was a lot of sunning, drinking, eating, biking, and being smashed around in the surf. There was also a huge storm, with crazy winds that lingered too long. Here they are.



Colleen Dubois Photography on Facebook

LIGHTNING PIC!!!dubois_LIGHTNING Lightning pic from my iPhone…Dubois_florida lightning on iphone

Me and Himdubois_130503.6116 dubois_130502.130502 dubois_130501.5949Storm Picsdubois_florida storm dubois_florida storm ocean dubois_florida daytona dubois_daytona florida

My Lover…dubois_al merrick surfboardMy other love…Pelicans. I love those damn birdsdubois_pelicansRandomsdubois_130501.5907 dubois_130501.5917


4 thoughts on “Ormond Beach Vaca

  1. first of all: I love that you love pelicans. second of all, next time you guys come down to that place, I AM visiting! 3rd of all, I absolutely agree that anyone who “doesn’t like Florida” should go to key west and then SHUTTHEHELLUP. LASTLY, if you don’t submit that lightning pic off your 5D to some sort of contest/natgeo/photo or nature magazine, I’m gonna punch you in the face. it’s got such a nice depth of subtle dark colors, I love that you got something (corner of the house/building?) in on the left hand side for some framing…. TWO bolts?!!? bad. ass. coll. love ya. keep on keepin on.

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