Books and Travel and whatnot

I want to thank a few people for making me stop and think the last few days. Thank you to an old friend, who reminded me of how important traveling is and how it can stir a sleeping soul.

And Eric from A Clown on Fire who has been a huge supporter of me from the beginning. If I ever make it big someday, I’m taking him with me. In his latest blog he ends his post with…’write from the heart and with authenticity’

I don’t write, but wish I could.

I take pictures instead. I want to make sure I shoot from the heart and with authenticity.

I do read, and when I lose my inspiration for shooting, I find it in a book. I still go to the library, because I’m old school and also because I’m cheap. ‘Free’ is awesome.

I’m going through old pictures from the last 3 years to see where I began and where I am now. I believe my earlier works are evident of what I really loved shooting.  I want to make sure if I do this, I’m doing what I love.

Here are some random pics of ‘Books’ and ‘Travel’ and whatnot.

Hello…I’m a pretty lucky girl here. Places below are Florence Italy, Seattle WA, Ormond Beach FL, Newport RI, Home, Long Pond NH, West Yellowstone MT, Hampton Beach NH, Portland ME, and Averill VT.


add-3add-4NHseacoat.dubois_120220.9909blackandwhitephotography.dubois_091010.091010Copy 1 skateboarding.dubois_100306.100306 fineartphotography.dubois_100730.100730 newportrhodeisland.dubois_111119.111119 ormondbeachflorida.dubois_120501.120501 seattlewaterfront.dubois_120817.120817 westyellowstone.dubois_130222.130222dubois_130502.130502dubois_120222.0052 IMG_0164 IMG_0163 dubois_120222.0062_MG_9908 martini.dubois_110708.0469


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