Here are the pics from my latest shoot on Sunday. It was in the 70’s and sunny in New Hampshire. We started at 11, so the sun was already ripping. All I brought with me was my giant round diffuser.
I was standing there thinking about one more shot to do, and moved the diffuser around to adjust for the sun. I looked at it and the trees made this amazing shadow through the white panel. It looked like a killer backdrop that I would probably pay good money for…on sale…it would have to be on sale though. These are the results. My model Rien, was so great. She had a great vibe to her, and was whistling the whole time. She put up her hands in prayer so quick, I stopper her. It was a pleasant surprise. Enjoy!colleendubois_130928.130928-2 colleendubois_130928.130928-3 colleendubois_130928.130928-4 colleendubois_130928.130928-5 colleendubois_130928.130928


2 thoughts on “Rien

  1. Colleen.
    These gave me an idea… If you ever shoot me, I want to be shot as Khaleesi, mother of dragons.
    Thank you,
    Le Clown

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