no edit moon

I left work tonight to meet some great friends for drinks, but was torn, because the sky was just blowing up with all kinds of clouds formations, blues, clouds, wisps, etc, etc, etc. I’ve been obsessed with the sky lately because it’s like a snowflake they say, ‘no one is alike’. All I wanted to do was get to the top of the mountain and take pics.
This summer, someone extremely close to me said…”you only seem to see the clouds when you are on a boat on the water.” It’s true though, and I wanted to make sure I always saw the clouds after that because they are so very special. I decided not to edit these photos because I wouldn’t back in the day. I grew stealing my dad’s Canon film camera and I really do miss those days. I miss the anticipation and the wonder of what you got. That’s it.

colleen.dubois. nightskiy_2993 colleendubois.nightsky_2994  colleendubois.nightsky_2996 colleendubois.nightsky_2997 colleendubois.nightsky_2998 colleendubois.nightsky_2999 colleendubois.nightsky_3000


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