31 Days of Photographers that Inspire: Day 24: Lindsay Adler, the greatest photoshop/photography teacher I’ve ever known

I think this article is spot on and I agree…Lindsey is an inspiration! She is so focused and so smart!


Day 24: Lindsay Adler, portrait and fashion photographer


I spent about the first 10 years of my life waiting for Lindsay Adler to be born and the next 20 years waiting for her to learn Photoshop and get her first gig on creativeLIVE.  Imagine the relief I felt when the wait was finally over.  What happened to me that monumental day when all of my prayers were finally answered?  [They went like this: Dear God, please let Lindsay Adler’s parents have a romantic date so that they can give birth to the person who will teach me more about photography than any other human one day. I’m growing impatient.  Thanks and Amen.]  I finally learned how to do everything I’ve ever wanted to learn how to do, that’s what happened.


All jokes aside, Lindsay seriously did change my life.  When I first saw her teaching on creativeLIVE I discovered…

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