Lost in Photography

My mind has been on a mad tear with ideas for photoshoots lately. I keep a super cute pink lined note pad with me at all times to sketch and write down ideas.

About a month ago I had a creative block so dense, I could hardly pick up my camera. It was crippling. I was scared…so scared, that I would never get my creativity back. I meditated a lot, and stopped looking ahead so much. I focused on what was in front of me and it slowly came back in waves. Now I find I don’t have enough time, models, or locations to keep up with my mind.

Things fall in place as they never did before, and I feel so much closer to being on the right path.

Here are a few from my latest shoot. This beauty had NEVER modeled before. Not too bad for a first timer…she killed it, and her face is so sweet. Her name is Lauren and she was so genuine, it was hard for it to not show through in her photos.

Enjoy and thanks for taking the time to read and look. Colleen Dubois

colleen dubois_131116.131116-2 colleen dubois_131116.131116-3 colleen dubois_131116.131116



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