The Girl, Fox and Stars

This is a picture that I’ve been working on for a bit. I got stuck in an editing slump, until I got invited from a fellow Instagramer to a Night Photography Presentation in Manchester, NH. This is where I discovered photographer Christopher Georgia for the first time. He’s a ‘astrophotographer’ that lives in my background. I was hooked. Please click on his name above to watch his time-lapse video of New England scenes.

After seeing his photos I realized this photo that I was manipulating, to look like a surreal sky…was actually a reality.

I’ve always been connected with nature. I grew up in the woods and my mom and dad taught me to respect it, love it, use it and explore it.


Surreal Photography, foxes, skyscapes


2 thoughts on “The Girl, Fox and Stars

  1. Colleen,
    You’re experimenting with new aesthetics, lately… May I ask you where it comes from (not that I don’t understand wanting to expand and try and explore when it comes to the creative process…)?
    Le Clown

    1. HI!!!!! Well, I was in a real creativity rut, so I started to meditate more. I went back to the basics of what I love in this world. I am really connected with nature and animals, so when I started these photos things just seemed to fall into place. Thanks for asking!!!!

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