Being true to Yourself

I’ve heard it before, but it hadn’t stuck in my mind since recently. Someone saying…’be true to yourself.’ It’s a very simple phrase, that I never quite understood.
This brings me to December. December is pure chaos for me.

I don’t remember December being like this when I was 5.

I just remember the first snow. My mom would flip on the outside light, so we could see the white fall on our stained brown porch. My sister and I would get dressed ASAP and head out in the night. I didn’t have a care in the world.

Whenever I get stressed, or out of sorts, I head outside. I grab the dogs and go for a hike. I do this without fail.

These last 3 years, I would stress about the direction I was taking my photography career. I would compare myself with other photographers, that I would never wish to be. It was a vicious circle.

Throughout this whole time, nature and the outdoors was always were I ended up. I now know what being true to yourself means.

Here are a few from last night.