Astrophotography-1st try

Here are my first attempts at ‘Astrophotography’ or more for me like…taking pictures of stars.

There is really nothing here to write home about, but It’s something different for me, and it’s really pushing my photography learning curve.

It’s quite amazing to be out there at night under the universe. It’s scary and overwhelming. It’s a great feeling.

I give all the credit to my dad, who used to take me outside in the driveway to lay on the hood of his car to watch the stars.

We ALWAYS see shooting stars that no one else seems to catch.

P.S-These are all real stars that are out there, I did not photoshop any in. You can’t see them until you take a photo…the cameras sensor is so sensitive, it picks up on light that the naked eye can not.

newhampshireastrophotography_131230.6933 newhampshireastrophotography_131226.6886 newhampshireastrophotography_131226.6883


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