Shooting in bad weather

Here are a few from the past two weeks. The temps have been up and down in New Hampshire causing amazing fog,rain, ice and snow. I love shooting in shitty weather for a few reasons.
-No one else is around
-It’s amazingly quite
-I get an surreal feeling like I’m part of nature as I stand in the elements.

I also snuck one in of my favorite love…Cora

Colleendubois.comtreesinwinter_140105.140105 appletreesinwinter_140110.140110 chinook_140111.7084 surreal_140111.140111-2 colleendubois_140111.140111


6 thoughts on “Shooting in bad weather

  1. These are great! I have a couple I will try to post in a few days. They were taken the weekend before last when the snow was mostly gone and the sun had peeked out between some clouds right before it set. Now our field is covered in snow again. It’s been a crazy January, hasn’t it?

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