Fine art bird photography

Birds in Florida

The Northeast winter was long, snowy and cold.

A few months ago I started to watch a robin sitting in a bush outside my window.

It sat there in the snow, so I sat there.

Birds have been teaching me to sit, listen, look up since then.

Here is my first bird shot.

Robin photos, bird photography
A robin eating berries in a snow storm

I’m lucky enough to have a place to go in Florida. It’s in Ormond Beach. Here are a few from the past week.

A bunch are from Blue Heron River Tours on the St. John’s River which I highly recommend if you are in the Daytona area.

Fine art bird photography
Black and White Snowy Egret on the St Johns River in Florida, totem animal
Brown Pelicans in Fligh
Brown Pelicans in flight over Ormond Beach Florida
snowy egrets on ormond beach florida
A group of Snowy egrets fighting over bait fish tossed to them by a fisherman
lone snowy egret standing on Ormond Beach in Florida
lone egret on Ormond Beach in florida, fine art photography
Cooper hawk in flight
Cooper hawk landing on the LPGA golf course in Dayton Florida
Fine art bird photography
Snowy Egret in flight, Fine art photography
Yellow crowned night heron on the beach in florida
Yellow crowned night heron standing on Ormond Beach Florida, cute bird
snowy egret standing on a mantee in florida
A snowy egret standing on a mother manatee flanked by her two calves on the st Johns river in florida
great blue heron
A great blue heron stands in the rain on the st johns river in florida

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