Winter crow in Manchester new hampshire

Manchester Crow Roosts


A roosts is where birds congregate and sleep.

Unless you, yourself are in a sleepless trace; driving home in Manchester over the Amoskeage bridge upholding us back from the machinery, you have seen these crows. They are in the hundreds, I would even guess if you counted…Thousands. No kidding… One finger on the wheel and all senses on the sky, I swoon. I wonder: I wish to wander.

I think we are so lucky to be able to see this phenomenon.

A roost in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma was estimated to hold over two million crows (Gerald Iams, 1972, State of Oklahoma Upland Game Inventory W-82-R-10). Most roosts are much smaller, but roosts of tens of thousands are common.’ –


‘If Crow has flown across your path;
It is a sign of change. All that you have been working for and toward is now coming to fruition. Alternatively Crow is giving you clear messages and guidance as to what your next steps are. Pay attention to your thoughts, and to the omens around you. The messages are clearer now than they have ever been.

Crow as a messenger could also be letting you know that perhaps you are spreading yourself a little bit thing. It’s time to step back – re assess where you are at and take stock of your own dreams and aspirations. Being clear about our own desires is key in manifesting our intentions.’

-Sometimes you have to rage a little in order to let go-

Winter crow in Manchester new hampshire
Winter Crow
A roost of crows at sunset in Manchester new Hampshire
Roost of Crows
crows at sunset in new hampshire
A crow roost setting in
a crow looking for a roost in new Hampshire
a lone crow looking for a roost

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